Royi Akavia Patent in 2005
System and method for producing animations based on drawings
A method and system for providing animation services to casual users, having little or no experience in creating animations or using animation software packages. One or more individuals create one or more drawings that will serve as the basis for the animation and a storyline for the characters and other elements in the drawings. The drawings and storyline are sent to an animation services system, along with optional audio selections. At the animation services system, the drawings are opened using image processing software, parsed into a number of logical subunits, and animated using image animation software. Sound effects, music and other audible components are then added to the animation. The completed animation is then provided to the individuals and optionally posted on a website accessible through the Internet. In another aspect, the invention includes a software system for receiving requests for animation services from clients, assigning those requests to animators, and providing the completed animations to the clients.

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