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Little Director activity is offer a specialized animation teaching and service targeted at providing children in Kindergarten through 8th grade with the opportunity to be "Little" movie directors in contributing their own creativity to a project that creates an animated movie. This animation concept will not only be for the user enhanced self image, encourage creative and artistic thinking and teaching the benefits of working cooperatively with others in a educational and creative environment is also teach english. .

  1. English

    The Using of art provides a useful change. While many teachers use visual images to introduce a topic or language item, actually asking the students to engage with and respond to the piece of art can encourage students to become ...

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  2. Basic Animation

    A Way of Creating a movie by using a series of drawings (Layers), By computer graphics, of objects that are slightly different from one another and that when viewed quickly one after another create the appearance of movement Technology is ...

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  3. Drawings

    Study drawings and paintings technics is the first stage of creatvity. Study under artist ROYI AKAVIA www.royiakavia.com Painting allows children to express their creativity and have allot of fun by developing a skill like painting provides ...

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  4. Directing

    Both experienced and aspiring animation professionals will find Directing Animation a comprehensive and entertaining guide to understanding the director’s creative role in managing the entire animation process. An animation director doesn’t simply direct animation. He or she directs people who ...

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