Great Activities for Kids

The original concept of Little Director was developed by Royi Akavia, an accomplished artist and a skilled animation software specialist who has a deep understanding of animation platforms. As an artist, Royi studied under Salvador Dali, the world renowned surrealist painter, and his work has been displayed in numerous art museums and galleries throughout the world. Additional information regarding Royi’s background can be found in the Management Team section. .

  1. Drawings

    Students should create sketches of their images,
    Creating sketches for a final artwork may be a new concept for students, yet it teaches students to think alternatively, and not always go with the first idea they come to. Sketching is part of the …

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  2. Visual Expression

    Objective: Through the process of creative thinking and visual expression students will learn basic means of composing a story as a class and individually continue to create imagery to contribute to the final product being a computer animated film of …

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  3. Animation

    Students should use their sketches to begin creating their final artwork. The number of days needed to complete a final artwork may vary depending on the media, and the student’s work ethic. Two days should be sufficient for second and …

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  4. Self Image

    Students will leave having an enhanced feeling of self image and creativity provided by sharing their art in an animated movie featuring the entire classroom’s input. It promotes independence as well as team spirit.

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