An innovative teaser for kids that engages their mind Through the melding of their own simple drawing. And computer animation that make their drawing come alive. En hances attention and abstract thinking.This can use as a learning tool.

Jeffry S.gerson,mM.D. Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology 

The original concept of Little Director was for 3-9 year old children to use crayons or any other drawing instruments to draw a picture and send it to Little Director’s studio by scanning the picture and sending it by email. Through the process of creative thinking and visual expression students will learn basic means of composing a story as a class and individually continue to create imagery to contribute to the final product being a computer animated film of their original art work.Students will leave having an enhanced feeling of self image and creativity provided by sharing their art in an animated movie featuring the entire classroom’s input. It promotes independence as well as team spirit.

Royi Akavia Patent in 2005 System and method for producing animations based on drawings
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